Vermicompost Unit

Vermicompost is the product of the decomposition process using various species of Earthworms.  It is a nutrient-rich fertilizer as well as a soil conditioner, besides it is also one of the best soil amendments available.


Significances of Vermicompost


  • Nutrient-rich soil amendment: Vermicompost is highly beneficial for improving soil fertility and structure. It contains essential plant nutrients which promotes healthy growth and increases crop yields.
  • Improved soil structure and water retention: Vermicompost helps improve soil structure by enhancing its ability to hold moisture and nutrients that allows for better aeration, water infiltration, and root penetration leads to healthier root development and reduced soil erosion.
  • Enhanced plant growth and disease resistance: The beneficial microorganisms present in vermicompost promote plant growth and suppress harmful pathogens. These microorganisms help break down organic matter further, releasing additional nutrients and producing growth-promoting substances.
  • Sustainable waste management: Vermicomposting is an effective method for managing organic waste, including kitchen scraps, yard waste, agricultural residues, and other biodegradable materials. It offers a sustainable alternative to traditional waste disposal methods and contributes to a circular economy by converting waste into valuable resources.
  • Environmental benefits: Vermicomposting promotes environmental sustainability by reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides, which can have adverse effects on ecosystems.
  • Economic benefits: The use of vermicompost can lead to economic advantages for farmers and gardeners. It reduces reliance on expensive synthetic fertilizers. In rural areas, the production of vermicompost can provide livelihood support to the unemployed

Nutrient Value of Vermicompost


1.5-1.8 percent


0.8-1.0 percent


1.0-1.2 percent


3049 PPM


4080 PPM


1296 PPM


1125.8 PPM


139.8 PPM


16.5 PPM

Best Suitable Earthworms’ Species for Vermicomposting are:

1. Eisenia fetida

2. Perionyx excavatus

3. Eudrilus eugeniae

4. Lampito mauritii

Eisenia fetida

Perionyx excavatus

Eudrilus Eugeniae

Lampito Mauritii

Services Available 

KVK provides vermicompst @ Rs. 8 for kilogram, besides KVK provides Earthworms suitable for vermicompost

Vermicompost Unit at KVK

Dimensions: Sheds 67fts x 25fts., Pits 25fts x 3fts

Capacity: 60 tonnes per annum