Front Line Demonstrations

Front Line Demonstrations (FLDs)

  1. Management of Brown plant hoppers (BPH) in rice under Jurala ayacut during Kharif
  2. Management of sucking pests and Pink Boll worm in cotton under rain fed in kharif season
  3. Management of Tikka leaf spots and stem rot diseases in Rabi Groundnut
  4. Management of Castor pest and diseases with IPM module
  5. Assessment of management modules against Fall army worm (FAW) in Maize
  6. Integrated Crop Management in Mango
  7. Integrated pest management of fruit fly in cucurbits
  8. Demonstration of Improved Ridge gourd variety ArkaPrasan
  9. Demonstration of micro nutrient spray to correct micro nutrient deficiencies in Sweet Orange
  10. Demonstration of Side shift rotavator in Mango
  11. Demonstration of Mechanical harvester in Red gram
  12. Demonstration of Drone mounted sprayer in Rice
  13. Demonstration of Groundnut digger cum shaker
  14. Demonstration of nutrition garden for food security in rural households
  15. Demonstration on convenience foods from millets
  16. Demonstration on Value addition of groundnut
  17. Demonstration on value added moringa products through solar drying