A Nursery is where Small and expensive seedlings are nurtured under intensive care and supervision for better germination and development. An economical, easier and convenient option to protect sensitive and tender seedlings from pests, illnesses, weeds, rain, extreme heat, and other environmental threats is to raise them in nurseries.
Nursery was managed by KVK from 1996., In KVK, we have plug tray vegetable nursery. Raising seedlings in portrays prevent the root damages and decrease excess water retention at base. Besides KVK developed Shade nets which will prevent pests to enter in the nursery house, we prepare and use the media which is light in weight and is composed of sterilized coco-peat, vermicompost, and Trichoderma promote excellent germination and growth.
Vegetables seeds such as Tomato, Chili, Brinjal, Marigold and many other are firstly sown and raised in nursery and then transplants them into main field (after 25 to 40 days of sowing in general).
Quality seedlings can increase the yield up to 25- 30%, and raising such a quality seedling required specialized techniques, skill and technical knowhow. Thus, the production of quality seedlings is of higher importance for increasing the yield potential.
Seedlings, cuttings of fruit crops, ornamental crops etc were grown in poly bags. Polythene bags were filled with red soil, vermi compost, sand, fertilizers in proper proportion. Cuttings and seed sown in the media filled bags. Fruit crops like Mango and Sapota seedlings were grafted with “scion” from KVK mother garden.
Marketing: There are two choices in marketing the plants:
Vegetable and marigold seedlings are raised as pre order on cost basis to the farmers. Farmers bring their own seed, KVK took nursery raising and maintenance charges
Fruit crops, ornamentals, vegetable and flower nursery raised with our selected varieties and selling to the farmers on cost per seedling/sapling/graft basis.
In the year 2022-23, KVK produced the following seedlings for the for distribution of quality seedlings to the farmers of the district.

Seedlings developed at KVKNumber
Tomato seedlings45,000
Chilli seedlings35,000
Brinjal seedlings5,000
Marigold seedlings8,000
Fruit plants2,000
Ornamental plants2,500

Glimpse of the activities under Nursery unit in KVK