Cold Press Oil

Cold-pressed oil extraction is a method of obtaining oil from various seeds or nuts without the use of high heat or chemicals. It involves crushing the raw materials at low temperatures and then pressing them to extract the oil. This process has gained popularity due to its potential benefits compared to other oil extraction methods, such as refined, solvent-extracted, or hot-pressed oils. Following are key advantages of cold-pressed oils:
⦁ These Cold press oils Retained Nutritional Value
⦁ These oils are Pure and Naturalness, since cold-pressed oils do not involve chemical solvents or excessive processing.
⦁ Cold-pressed oils are free from chemical residues/ contaminants.
⦁ These Cold-pressed oils tend to have a stronger and more distinctive flavour and aroma
⦁ These oils help maintain the stability of the oil and reduce the chances of oxidation and rancidity.
Cold-pressed oils offer several advantages over other extraction methods, especially in terms of preserving nutrients and natural flavours. Furthermore, because these oils have a greater concentration of lipophilic phytochemicals like antioxidants, they are appealing to consumers because they are safe, natural, and help prevent certain ailments. Compared to processed oils, these oils are more nutritious.

Cold Press Oil Unit at KVK

Machine information and Available products at KVK

Girl in a jacket Brief Description of the cold press oil machine
Machine Capacity 20 kg
Power required 3 phase,3 HP
Machine Size L-3.5 * W-2 *4-5 ft
Machine Weight 550 kg
Drive Systems Blet Drive (Gear Box)
Power Consumption 2.5v
Production Details 20kg/hour
Oils Available for Sale
Groundnut Oil 300 per Kg
Sesamum oil 500 per Kg