Backyard Poultry

Backyard poultry are primarily reared for egg and meat production in rural areas of the country and can be advantageously promoted in rural areas. Grama Priya, Vanarajaand Srinidhi, a dual-purpose chicken breed developed by the Directorate of Poultry Research, Hyderabad (Telangana) promoted by KVK by adopting specific breeding strategies to make them available to rural farming community. These birds have potential to produce more eggs and meat than desi chicken.

Promising Features of Improved Breeds

Vanaraja (Male& Female)

>> Alternative multi coloured plumage
>> High general immune competence
>> Low cost of production
>> Perform on low plane of nutrition
>> Grow faster and produce more eggs than desi chicken
>> Produce brown eggs like desi birds


>> Attractive feather pattern
>> Moderate in body weight
>> More egg production than desi hen
>> Low predator threat
>> Produce brown shell eggs


>> Longer shanks
>> High general immune competence
>> Perform on low plane of nutrition
>> Grow faster than desi chicken
>> produce more eggs which are brown in colour

Nursery Management:

Brooding is essential for the improved breeds i.e.,Srinidhi,Vanaraja, Gramapriya etc. From hatchery to up to six weeks of age depending on the season to provide the required temperature, feed and protection from predators.

Brooders: spread the clean litter material (Groundnut husk/Paddy husk) of 2-3 inches thickness uniformly. Spread the newspaper on the litter. Arrange the feeder and drinkers alternatively

Feed: Complete balanced feed containing all essential nutrients should be given while rearing the birds under nursery management.

Health care: through improved breed has better immune competence, they need protection against the Ranikhet disease and fowl pox.

Vaccination Schedule


Name of the vaccine




In the Hatchery

 1st Day

Markers disease


0.20 ml

Sc Injection

In the Nursery

5th Day

Ranikhet Disease


One drop


14th Day

Infectious Bursal disease


One drop


21st Day


Fowl pox

0.20 ml

Sc Injection

28th Day

Ranikhet Disease


One drop


In the field

9th Week

Ranikhet Disease


0.50 ml

Sc injection

12th Week


Fowl pox

0.20 ml

Sc Injection

Performance of Improved Poultry Birds:

Economic trait

On farm


Body Weight

6th  week

600-700 g

450-500 g

20thWeek(Restricted feeding in farm)

1.9-2.1 kg

1.7 -2.0 kg

40th Week

2.3-2.5 kg

2.2 -2.3 kg

Age at First Egg

150th Day

170th Day

Annual Egg production

220 no.

110 no.

Survivability(%)Up to 6th Week



Brooding activity carried out in KVK for 1day chicks

Small scale backyard poultry unit at KVK

Vaccinating the Bird